Better Off
Better Off
Release: September 20th, 2011

Produced By: Dave Genn
Label: Black Box (CAN), Hassle Records (UK/EUR/AUS), Bullion Records (JPN)

1. Young Classics
2. Sanctuary
3. Runaway
4. Better Off
5. Don't
6. Eastbound
7. Animal Choices
8. After Hours
9. Giving Up
10. Northstar

Released: January 27th 2009

Produced by: Gggarth
Label: Black Box (CAN), Atticus Black (UK/EUR), Bullion Records (JPN)

1. Welcome To Where Ever You Are
2. Life Times
3. Every Day
4. Yours To Lose
5. Costa La Vista Baby
6. Well, That's The Thing
7. Windows
8. Get So Far
9. Stand Up
10. First & Foremost
11. Further Now
The Virtual EP

The Virtual EP
Released: October 14th 2008

Label: Black Box

1. Life Times
2. Yours To Lose
3. Suck It Up Princess (Jazz Redux)
4. Boys Will Be Boys (Campfire Redux)
Count Yourself In

Count Yourself In
Released: October 10th 2006

Produced by: Gggarth
Label: Black Box (CAN), Bullion (JPN)

1. Suck It Up Princess
2. Old Habits Die Hard
3. All You Want To Be
4. Count Yourself In
5. I Got What I Wanted, Lost What I Had
6. Boys Will Be Boys
7. How The West Was Lost
8. Its Better On The Floor
9. Avenue Days
10. Point Blank Victoria
One More For The Road

One More For The Road
Released: October 10th 2004

Produced by: Ten Second Epic
Label: Farway records

1. The Good Life
2. Between Today & Tomorrow
3. A Thousand Times Committed
4. Don't Die On Me Tonight
5. Another Density
6. Home In The Heartland
7. The Last Song I Will Ever Waste On You