TerminaTOUR Street Team Contest
February 27 2012

So we are less than a month away from the kick off of the TerminaTOUR, featuring us, The Dangerous Summer, Brighter Brightest and The Red Threat. Over the past couple of weeks we have been asking you to get in touch if you're willing to help us out with some street team promotion, and today we launch the TerminaTOUR Street Team Contest!

Here are the dirty details -

First of all, hit up TERMINATOUR and download the zip file which includes the following tools for you:
1) Terminatour Poster (Print 11x17")
2) Terminatour Poster (Web)
3) Terminatour Handbills (4x)
4) Terminatour Handbill Quarter
5) Band Logos

From there, here's how you participate:
1) Take these tools, or create your own using the logos provided.
2) Promote in your schools, at local shows, or at bigger shows in your city
3) Promote online via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc using the web poster
4) Invite all your friends to as many Terminatour shows as possible. Find a full list of Facebook events at https://tensecondepic.com/tour in the "More Info" link on each date.
5) Suggested twitter language: "The #TerminaTOUR is coming to Canada! Catch @tensecondepic @dangeroussummer @brightrbrightst @theredthreat! More info: https://tensecondepic.com!"
6) Take screen caps and/or digital photos of your work and submit them to for us to see
7) The more creative and the ideas and the photo proof, the better your chance of winning!
8) Got some crazy ideas that you think we can help with? Get in touch at

Winning street teamers will get a pair of tickets to the show in their area and an exclusive merch package from all the bands (including a Ten Second Epic hockey jersey)! There's also secondary prizes including signed CDs and TerminaTOUR tickets!

Spread the word!